XCO Springboard Overview Key Features Measurable Results Integration & Support System Architecture
Measurable Results

XCO Springboard provides a rich sponsorship program with a measurable ROI built around a comprehensive business analytics solution. The solution gives organizations the opportunity to offer sponsors, advertisers, and promotions with “one on one” messaging to millions of potential stakeholders who already carry smartphones.

The solution also includes a simple, elegant, and comprehensive Data Analytics and Reporting Platform. Organizations are able to collect a wide variety of information from users including fan demographics and permission based email addresses through surveys, polls, product orders, requests and options for communication.

The XCO Springboard solution tracks the behavior and preferences of the consumer, visitor, or supporter while using the App to help determine the popularity of specifics aspects of your content and promotions. By tracking usage, the solution measures various aspects of your App which will help your organization to create new content.

Our CMS solution empowers non-technical staff to create dynamic and compelling content such as news, profiles, upcoming special events, promotions, quiz games, surveys, venue maps with points of interest, to name only a few of the endless possibilities.

In addition, XCO Springboard enables users to engage in a variety of social networking options. Various tools such as blogs, Twitter, and basic texting are employed to keep fans tied to the team App, while at the same time providing them a chance to easily share content with other fans, friends, and family.