XCO Springboard Overview Key Features Measurable Results Integration & Support System Architecture

Key Features

XCO Springboard enables a two-way conversation with the people you want to reach. Present your brand on their smartphone and simultaneously collect information through a wide range of multimedia suitable for all types of direct one-on-one interaction.
Content Management System
Our XCO Springboard content management system allows organizations to create and publish content to their branded Apps.
    Publish breaking news, promotions, important updates
    Select and control content by location using XCO "geocoding" capability
    Craft new releases with scheduled approval and release dates
    Easily develop and publish content about temporary exhibits

Our content management system gives you the ability to achieve this with typical office software skills and minimal training.

The XCO Springboard content management system is the foundation of the solution. Your organization will use our web-based system to configure the extensive App features as well as the App's user interface and navigation. You may use it to create rich information pages, establish web page and RSS sources, enable media streams, configure surveys and build your sponsors' presence. When each App initially launches, it requests, over a secure internet connection (3G network or Wi-Fi), a content refresh from XCO's Content Services platform. Content is then published to the App. Each time the App opens, it will get any recently publish content. That way, the experience stays fresh.
Audience Specific Programs
Do you have multiple audiences, consumer segments, or stakeholders?
    Your branded app may need to address different groups or audiences
    Personalize for: VIPS, Kids, Seniors, Students, Parents, Visitors
    Go green and replace printed promotions and programs
    Keep all groups engaged day-to-day
    The mobile experience could be different based on location
Create targeted programs that reach out to all demographics and so each group enjoy a personalized experience. Each program is able to share content with others, so you can easily build a core and deploy it to all audiences. Expand upon this core by creating specific content for each target group. Each program may be totally different or substantially similar, that is your choice. Create the content and attach it to whichever programs make sense. All of this is enabled through our simple but comprehensive Content Management System.

In addition, with our geocoding capability, XCO Springboard can leverage geo-fencing to present different content based on your location. At an attraction, trade show, or museum, the experience, content, and promotions might be different than if you are outside a specific area.

For those with multi-lingual or international communities, you may develop content in multiple languages and character sets; perhaps separate Spanish and English or Mandarin programs that share some common content but are in the audience's native language. Specific programs are selected based on the smartphone's native language and locale.
Intro Pages
Our Intro Page feature, through the user opt-in element, is able to quickly capture important information from your consumer base to their benefit and yours. It may give users access to unique information and offers, such as specific promotions. For your organization, this feature will give you an understanding of consumers' preferences and the ability to establish a fruitful relationship.

When your customers initially select the App, they may see one or more introductory pages. This helps them get started and quickly, aware of the latest news or promotions before getting into the App core. When they open the App again, they may easily skip this section.
Wayfinding and Interactive Maps
To get your constituents to your location or event, use the integrated Google map feature-a great way to help visitors to get around. This feature may be enabled and configured through our content management system.

Once consumers or visitors arrive at your location, show them the opportunities, facilities, services, attractions, exhibits or other points of interest. The POI (Point-Of-Interest) feature can also be configured to provide an awareness of specific recommendations for features or attractions within your location or surrounding it. For the savvy operator, this represents a sponsorship opportunity and an additional revenue source.
Web Content
You may select existing web content and show it within the App; the content may be embedded in the App or the user may be directed to the smartphone's web browser. When it's embedded in the App, you may control the user navigation to ensure only the appropriate pages display. This is great way to leverage existing content or connect to specific sponsors, affiliates, or partners.
Promotional content can be easily created. Existing imagery may be simply repurposed for use in the App. E-Coupons with an optional bar code or discount code may be attached so promotions may be tracked at the POS. Additionally, a URL may be associated with the promotion so the consumer is able to purchase the item on-line. In this case, selecting the obvious "buy" button takes the consumer to the appropriate page on your e-commerce or sponsors' web site.
Sharing through Social Newtorks
XCO Springboard includes a variety of features to let your fans microblog and text their comments to other fans. When rights allow, they may effortlessly share interesting App content with their friends and social communities through email and Twitter. Our solution keeps blogging within your app and keeps your user engaged and connected to your app and your organization.
Audio and Video Content
Video content can be viewed by your audience by establishing a streaming video source or by downloading a movie file to the XCO Springboard platform. Depending on the configuration, this file may be uploaded to each App for subsequent viewing or streamed to the App on demand. XCO Springboard automatically takes care of managing the video, sending it to the phone in the correct format, and simplifying the whole process.

Just like the video content, streaming audio and podcast audio content may be easily established, refreshed and enjoyed by your audience.
Multiple surveys can be created in the content management system and published transparently to the smartphone App. Your designated staff can easily build each question. A variety of question styles and types are available. Each survey is associated with a specific language to cater for multi-lingual audiences.

When an App user responds to a survey, the answers are collected and pushed back, securely, to the XCO Content Services platform. At that point the results are available for reporting or publication to other business systems.