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System Architecture

XCO Springboard is an enterprise class solution built to perform Content Management and Operational Analysis for the XCO family of smartphone Applications. XCO Springboard can be hosted by XCO or by a third party such as a sports organization. XCO Springboard is accessible using popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer and presents an easy to use interface for staff to create Apps with imagery, audio, multimedia and other engaging content. It provides detailed analysis in the form of a dashboard, charts and reports for operations and marketing staff as well as configurable content management and analysis hierarchies. It may connect with other enterprise systems such as CRM, POS, or Database Marketing solutions to integrate information. For large sports organizations, its scalability allows hundreds of teams or leagues to be implemented through a single instance of the solution.

XCO Springboard leverages database technologies throughout. Those hosting Springboard may choose between Sun's mySQL or Microsoft's databases (with Oracle 11g following). Each smartphone Application incorporates a small but powerful data repository to manage local content and to collect detailed operational metrics. At appropriate times, information is frugally moved between the enterprise and smartphones without interrupting the fan. Importantly, the architecture establishes a configurable and flexible approach to smartphone content caching.

Springboard delivers the high availability features necessary to deliver an always-on service expected by today's consumers.