Utilize your own marketing to control new content, branding, and messaging. Smartphone content can be changed whenever it suits you, before or even during events and all year long to keep customers in the loop.
Business & Industry

Companies need to extend their own brand beyond the web and directly to their customers. With XCO Springboard, organizations have the opportunity to reach out to their new and existing customers, on a personal level, leveraging millions of smartphones. While companies have utilized their web sites in the past, the mobile platform is now the technology of choice to connect with customers. XCO Springboard is a perfect smartphone solution for the established company or the up-and-coming new venture or product. It provides multiple techniques and strategies for companies to create or promote their own brand, keep their customers informed, and promote their products and services.

The spotlight is on your company
    Launch official company or product specific branded app
    An easy to use marketing solution that may be updated daily
    Create an engaging, entertaining and informative experience for your customers
    Leverages all types of new and existing images, video, audio, text, and links
    No special technical expertise is required to manage the content
    Turnkey solution for multiple smartphone platforms including iPhone and Android
    Wide range of revenue generating opportunities through digital promotions
    Integrates with corporate systems and provides analytics to measure results
    Opportunity for dialogue with customers with blogs, polls and surveys
    Demographic data collection allows for detailed personalization
    On going support programs for creative, content, and technical support
    Complete launch services available from XCO Software