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Create a branded smartphone App for your visitors, customers, and members. With XCO's solution, your organization can easily publish your own robust App and instantaneously update its content to strengthen your brand and message.
Connect with your consistuents. Capture their attention. Keep them engaged. Start a two-way conversation through your XCO Software app. Your constituents will stay tuned to your message every day.
With XCO Software, you can expect to earn measurable results. You will increase revenues for both your organization and your sponsors while building a more engaged member or visitor community. Learn about the XCO Springboard solution.
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who we are
We are an innovative and driven team led by seasoned executives with technology, management and international sales experience. In addition to our software solutions, we provide our clients with a complete set of optional support services to help launch and enhance their mobile strategy. + more about XCO Software

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what we do
We develop and market imaginative smartphone solutions for organizations. These are not just Apps, but enterprise solutions with advanced data integration providing business analytics, marketing and seamless interfaces to third party systems. Organizations can now connect directly to millions of people who already carry smartphones.